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Join Us on June 14th!!!

A Note from the Elders

We are pleased to announce that services will begin at the building on SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2020. Your patience has been appreciated during this trying time as we have made tough decisions balancing our relationship to our God, with the health of the congregation.

Beginning on June 14, we will have a Bible study (currently James) beginning at 9:30, followed by our worship service at 10:15. No services are presently scheduled at the building for Sunday evening or Wednesday evening. The on-line lessons will continue for both of these.

The Bible lesson and sermon will be available on social media and our website after the conclusion of the service. We strongly encourage each one to continue to “like” and “share” these as they have greatly enhanced our ability to spread the Gospel. Our goal is to stream these in real-time as soon as possible.

You will see some changes in the services. Steps are being taken to reduce possible exposure to the virus from the building. All of these changes are for the protection of the members, and to prevent the virus spread.

  • A spray container of hand cleanser will be available as you enter the building, along with masks for those that do not have them.
  • We recommend that everyone wear a mask during our time together as a precaution, and a preventative measure for others.
  • Handshaking and hugs are considered too risky, and we strongly discourage these practices for now.
  • Songbooks will be removed and we will pass out copies of songs for use during the worship.  
  • Congregating in the building will be discouraged. We will proceed in an orderly manner outside the building immediately after services, to allow for social distancing.
  • The water cooler will be removed to prevent the spread of germs. You should bring bottled water if needed.
  • Individual containers for communion will be available at a table upon entry for you to obtain. There will be no passing these out during the service. At the conclusion of services, offering plates will be left at the ends of both pews at the back of the building. There will also be no passing of these during the service. 
  • We suggest that you consider staying at home if: (1) you have a fever, (2) you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, (3) you are not feeling well, or (4) you possess an active cough.

All of these changes are to allow us to restore worship together. They are guidelines, based on the best information we have. If anyone feels their circumstances provide too much risk for others or themselves, we fully support staying away until conditions change. There are high-risk categories that are encouraged to stay at home for now, and we will support you in any way possible to provide for your needs.

 ---- the Elders