Study With Us

Study With Us

Congregational Bible Studies: 
Join us as we study the Bible together and discover the wonderful truths that God has given us in His word. 

Current Classes (Quarter 1 2021)
Sunday (5:00 PM): "Foundations for Growing Christians"
(Currently available via Zoom and FB Live)
-Join us for this special congregational study as we seek to ignite and rekindle our zeal for the Lord!

Wednesday (7:00 PM): "The Book of Numbers"
- Join us as we gather in-person to see God's holiness and the holiness to which God's people are called. 

Children's Classes (temporarily suspended due to COVID)
Nursery: "Creation to Judges"
Room 5: "The Beginning of God's Way"


On-Demand: Personal Bible Study
Purpose: Not ready to meet with us yet? Set up an appointment to meet with just a couple of us to study the Bible, get to know more about God, or have your spiritual questions answered. 
Click here to request a personal Bible study!

On-Demand: Skype Bible Study
If you live in the Jackson area, but you are not ready for a personal meeting or joining us for worship/study, you can learn more about God, have prayers offered, or have your spiritual questions discussed through an online meeting. 
Click here to request a Bible study over Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime!